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How to build your support network to change your life

As the program draws to a close and you get through your first few days without any articles, text reminders, or virtual visits, you might start feeling like you’re only accountable to yourself. We want you to find an on-going source of support— those who stay connected are able to better maintain healthy habits. Here are some suggestions: 

  1. Involve a spouse, parent, child or friend. It’s one thing to take a stroll with your significant other, but see if you can enlist someone close to you to join your health journey. Whether it’s walking together, attending a yoga class together or simply meeting up to follow along with an online workout on youtube, having a time and a place to meet someone and be active is a huge motivator!! 
  2. Take a cooking class. Plant based cooking classes are a great way to meet health conscious people. Meetup is also a great source for this.  In Los Angeles, there is also, which lists courses of all kinds, particularly cooking.  Whole Foods offers regular cooking classes and demos in most cities.
  3. Organize an event for like-minded friends and family. Better yet, make it a WellStart graduation party! Host a gathering in celebration of good health.  Whether you have two guests or ten, invite folks over for a healthy potluck feast. Better yet, take a walk, try a meditation, or do an in-home yoga session before the meal starts.
  4. Meet  There are meet-ups for all sorts of things, from vegan potlucks to walking groups! 
  5. Join a Walking, Hiking or Running Club.  Most major cities have walking and or running organizations, and many of them offer a novice-focused group.  Also, many athletic stores offer evening walking or jogging events weekly.  OR, start your own walking club in your neighborhood!
  6. Spread the word! Whether through Facebook, your faith-based group, or a good old-fashioned email to coworkers or friends, let people know you are on a mission to improve your health and lifestyle, and ask if they’d like to join you, and how you can help each other! 

There are countless ways you can make your healthy habits into a social endeavor.  Get creative and have fun – all the while, you’ll be helping ensure that your lifestyle changes have staying power!


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